EU/Northern Irish Freight

Friday, 18th December 2020

Dear Customers,

As you will know, we are moving towards Brexit and there are still many negotiations which the government are looking to finalise to help ensure the transition is simple as possible.

For our customers, we will have some documentation which will need completing should you have any freight which needs to go to the EU/Northern Ireland moving forward.

An export and import declaration will be required for all consignments, as every crossing of a border requires an export declaration from the country of despatch and an import declaration within the destination country. All of the data on these forms will be mandatory requirements in order to process these declarations, any inaccurate / missing information will mean that consignments will not be created and shipments will not travel.

There will be Import and Export declaration charges set by the networks, please contact your local depot for these costs should they be required.

Please visit the government website for further information –

In January we should have more of an idea of what our network partners will require and we will keep all our customers informed.