Fuel Surcharge

The Standard Fuel Surcharge applies to all transportation services provides by DEXL Ltd. It is based on the UK Average Diesel PPL as quoted by the Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy department as part of their monthly fuel price report. The Table below shows the UK Average Diesel price bands, which corresponds to our fuel supplements. Please be aware that there will be a one month lag in the application of the index. For example, the monthly average price for April will be used to determine the applicable fuel supplements in May. This is due to the release dates of the fuel price data by the Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy Report. 


Fuel surcharge for December 2023 is 11.9%

Fuel surcharge for November 2023 is 12.9%

Fuel surcharge for October 2023 is 11.9%

Fuel surcharge for September 2023 was 10.9%

Fuel surcharge for August 2023 was 9.9%

Fuel surcharge for July 2023 was 9.9%

Month & Year Avg Diesel PPL
June 2023 145.69
July 2023 145.19
August 2023 151.07
September 2023 157.39
October 2023 162.18
November 2023 158.97



To check the current rate on the government website please click here


DEXL Fuel Surcharge Matrix

Diesel PPL

Fuel Surcharge

From To
100 104.9 0.9%
105 109.9 1.9%
110 114.9 2.9%
115 119.9 3.9%
120 124.9 4.9%
125 129.9 5.9%
130 134.9 6.9%
135 139.9 7.9%
140 144.9 8.9%
145 149.9 9.9%
150 154.9 10.9%
155 159.9 11.9%
160 164.9 12.9%
165 169.9 13.9%
170 174.9 14.9%
175 179.9 15.9%
180 184.9 16.9%

Any increase or decrease in fuel prices which fall outside the parameters detailed below will be subject to
1.0% change in the fuel surcharge for every 5.0p movement, subject to a minimum charge of 0.0%.

Your Questions Answers

Q. Why are Direct Express Logistics Ltd applying a variable fuel surcharge?

A. Due to continuing fluctuations in fuel prices, we are implementing a variable fuel surcharge to ensure
that we are only passing on the charges that are in line with the movements of international fuel
prices. Our aim is to keep the surcharges fair and transparent. Put simply, fuel surcharges will rise or fall,
subject to a minimum charge of 0%, in line with the movements in fuel prices.
Q. How will I be informed about adjustments to the fuel surcharges?
A. The fuel surcharges will be reviewed monthly in line with the change in diesel prices, this will be
updated and viewable on our website. We recommend that you regularly check our website for any